Clio Named Third on Elpha’s Top 10 Workplaces for Women

VANCOUVER, BC, March 30, 2021 – Clio has placed third on Elpha’s Top 10 Workplaces for Women. Co-founded by Cadran Cowansage, Abadesi Osunsade, and Kuan Luo, Elpha is a popular women’s technology professionals network with over 35,000 members, offering a variety of resources to make it easier for women in the technology industry to connect, share learnings, and advance their careers. Clio was recognized for prioritizing learning and development and creating a space where women feel empowered to grow their careers.

Elpha surveyed their members anonymously to rate and review how likely they were to recommend their workplaces to other women. Thousands of women submitted ratings with nearly 2,000 women offering additional commentary on the ratings they’ve chosen. Elpha compiled the results to determine a list of 10 big companies (with over 500 employees) and 10 startups (with under 500 employees) that its members recommend as women-friendly workplaces. Clio is the only Canadian company to make the top 10 big companies list and ranked third overall. Other companies that made the list include Hubspot, Zendesk, Etsy, and Twitter.

“Elpha’s mission is to make sure that no one feels held back in the workplace because they are a woman,” said Elpha CEO and founder Cadran Cowansage. “So with this survey, our aim was to both identify which companies offered environments that set women up for success at work, and understand the steps companies can take to build more inclusive team cultures for women.”

“I am thrilled to hear that Clio has earned this recognition from Elpha’s survey, validating our efforts to create a culture of opportunity, growth, belonging, and accessibility for all,” said Natalie Archibald, Interim VP People, Clio. “As a company that prioritizes Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity, I am proud to hear the genuine feedback that women feel empowered to develop their careers at Clio.”

One anonymous surveyor said that, “Clio is intentional in supporting women and is committed to a human and high-performing culture. I’ve seen the organization grow over the years and Clio has only gotten better and better,” while another surveyor said there are “lots of women in director and manager leadership roles….[and that there] is a strong belief that diverse teams are better teams, and lots of energy [is] expended in attempting to make the teams more diverse and challenge each other if there is a bias.”

As of January 2021, 43% of management positions are held by women and Clio continues to provide an environment where women are encouraged and supported to advance their careers. There is still more to be done–Clio is actively recruiting more women, while focusing on developing leaders and providing individuals with the right skills and tools to drive their career forward.

Clio is proving that it’s possible for a company to be both human and high performing. This has been a central pillar in Clio’s strategy from the start. Clio’s culture of deliberate development makes it possible for employees to fully integrate their professional and personal growth in ways that are constructive, generative, and connective. Clio expects high performance from staff, but it is also committed to supporting the needs of everyone within the organization to lead healthy, fulfilling lives at home and at work.

Some of Clio’s recent hiring and employment initiatives include:

  • Conducting implicit bias training for our recruitment team and leaders
  • Integrating a new, more inclusive promotion process
  • Engaging in formal partnerships that deepen the company’s DIBE initiative commitments to anti-racism, gender equality, neurodivergence, and others, including the Black Professionals in Tech Network
  • Signing the Pay Up for Progress Pledge for Pay Parity as a commitment to continuously identify and rectify any gender pay gaps
  • Investing in company-wide educational workshops with leading external specialists (e.g. Get Real, 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination education specialists)
  • Hosting company-wide discussions on topics like women in leadership with the executive team
  • Implementing new technology to enable learning access (e.g. DIBE onboarding content, integrating a DIBE microlearning education app in Slack)

Additionally, Clio proactively develops reintegration plans for new parents going on leave. This includes scoping workloads to adjust to new life stages, ensuring positions align with career growth goals, and setting up formal coaching with their in-house coach before and after parental leave. Clio covers the unpaid waiting period for EI and has a total of 13 weeks top-up to 80% salary for mothers on leave, which they’re continuously re-evaluating to ensure that they continue to be an industry leader with their policy.

Clio is set to grow its employee count by 40% in 2021 and has a variety of positions currently available. Learn more at