Centre4Growth Companies on 2015 Ready to Rocket List

Author: Bill Tam

Last week our friends at Rocket Builders announced the 2015 Ready to Rocket list, marking the 13th consecutive year of their program. They’ve done a stellar job at tracking the progress of the Ready to Rocket cohorts ever since the original list was published. 

This past year, they evaluated over 300 candidate companies before arriving at the final 2015 Ready to Rocket list that included 25 ICT companies, 15 cleantech companies and 10 life sciences companies. ICT companies showed a median growth rate of 50% over the past year while the Cleantech and Life Sciences companies both showed a median growth rate of 100%.

The BCTIA Centre4Growth accelerator program, along with our colleagues at BCIC, Foresight, Wavefront, CDRD, Accel-RxAccelerate Tectoria and Accelerate Okanagan, were important catalysts in the growing number of companies on this year’s list. 

Here’s a glimpse of the past and present Centre4Growth companies that were part of the 2015 list:

In looking at this list, and our fellow accelerators supporting these and many more companies, we’re reminded that, much like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to grow a company.

Congratulations to the companies on the 2015 Ready to Rocket lists. To view the complete list, use the links below.