Celebrating Another Hub Graduate – Arius Technology

Celebrating Another Hub Graduate - Arius Technology
Arius Technology moved into the BC Tech Innovation Hub in January 2015—what followed was two incredible years of growth and expansion. In August 2017, Arius celebrated another monumental milestone, they graduated from The Hub and moved into their own office space in Mount Pleasant. We recently interviewed Arius Technology’s President and CEO Paul Lindahl to find out how The Hub impacted their growth and what the future holds for this incredible company. BC Tech: Can you tell us a little bit about the history of Arius Technology? Paul: Arius was founded in June 2013. At the time we acquired the assets of an insolvent technology company and repurposed and advanced their technology to target applications driven by elevated and 3D printing. We pivoted the company in 2015 to focus fully on the art industry. Since then Arius Technology has been a leader in laser-based optical scanning systems for the three-dimensional digitization of art. Through the Verus Art® partnership, Arius works directly with museums to produce elevated print re-creations of paintings featuring precise replication of the color, texture, and relief of the artist’s original brushstrokes. We will be launching a contemporary art business under a new brand in the fall of 2017. BC Tech: Why did you choose The BC Tech Innovation Hub as the home base for Arius Technology? Paul: As a new startup, we had uncertain infrastructure needs and constrained capital for its development, The Hub offered a place that was flexible in its lease terms, and provided us with basic but essential administrative support services. The great thing about choosing The Hub was that it allowed us to grow and focus our investments on early technology development rather than having to worry about the overhead of having our own office. BC Tech: What were some of the biggest advantages of being in The Hub? Paul: All of the resources we needed were within an arm’s reach. Whether it was simply administrative support, expert advice across a spectrum of disciplines, or its support programs, you can quickly access the guidance you need. Another benefit was the integration of employees from both Global Affairs Canada and the NRC. They ensure you do not miss out opportunities from government programs that will help you succeed in both innovation and market development. BC Tech: How did being in The Hub directly impact the growth of Arius Technology? Paul: Being in the same space as Global Affairs Canada and NRC made it much easier for us to access their programs. Erik Kaas, in his role as NRC Concierge, connected us to financial support programs within the government. We were able to be a part of the NRC-IRAP program targeted for European/Canadian partnerships and the Western Economic Diversification’s WINN program. Between them, Arius was able to secure over $3.5 million of funding. David Marshall, Global Affairs Canada’s representative in The Hub, was instrumental in setting us up with the trade commission within the Japan Embassy to assist us with our business development activities in Japan and is currently working on getting us networked in Korea through the Canadian Trade Commission in Seoul. The proximity, to both Erik and David within The Hub allowed us to develop deeper relationships with them and in turn, gave them the opportunity to get to know us better and help us find the right programs and make introductions that allowed us to expand our business. BC Tech: What made The Hub feel like home? Paul: The most enduring quality about The Hub is its energy. Although sharing space with other companies could in some ways be perceived as less private and distracting, it actually produces an environment of excitement. When a company has only a handful of employees, it is often difficult to get the sense of energy that comes with a larger team. In a surrounding with other like-minded entrepreneurs, the buzz and excitement of others can invigorate your own organization by harnessing the collective energy of your co-tenants. This the part we will miss the most. In The Hub, the environment highlights the fact that the tech industry is indeed a broader community. BC Tech: What advice would you give to another company considering moving into The Hub? Paul: If you are a new startup, you could not find a more appropriate space to park your first team members. I would highly recommend it for your early development years. BC Tech: Now that Arius is in its new space, what does the future hold for Arius? Paul: We have pivoted to the art publishing business, using our scanning system and processing software to work with living artists in their creative processes. This fall, we will be launching a new brand to support this new business segment, adding to the historic art business we do under the Verus Art brand. Looking for a place for your business to call home? Or a dedicated desk to get some work done? Check out the BC Tech Innovation Hub.