CDMN Soft Landing Program-8

CDMN Soft Landing Program

The CDMN Soft Landing program offers qualified, mature startups and SMEs exposure to business opportunities around the world. Companies can utilize this program to open new markets, close international sales, secure investment and connect with new partners abroad. Successful candidates will receive up to $4,000 Cdn in reimbursable expenses to help offset transportation and accommodation costs. Qualification Criteria
  • Must be a Canadian technology startup or SME
  • Your product or service must be launched and market ready
  • Company must have existing revenues
  • Can demonstrate a strong probability of growing jobs, closing sales or securing investment as a result of the landing
  • Can clearly identify who you will meet with and the expected outcome of those meetings (for example revenue or investment in $ amounts)
Learn more about their program and how they can help you by clicking here. Applications are open until August 13, 2017 midnight EDT. Contact: Michelle Burtch