CCI Learning Partners With Kivuto to Bring Microsoft Office and Jasperactive to Students Worldwide-8

CCI Learning Partners With Kivuto to Bring Microsoft Office and Jasperactive to Students Worldwide

LANGLEY, BC – April 20, 2017 – CCI Learning and Kivuto have partnered to bring Microsoft Office and Office certification training together in one place. Kivuto’s trusted cloud-based Digital Resource Portal (DRP) will deliver Microsoft Office applications and Jasperactive, to millions of students from over 60,000 academic institutions across 195 countries worldwide.

Microsoft Office proficiency is listed among the top five skills required for jobs today. Jasperactive is a Microsoft Office learning platform that prepares students to obtain globally recognized Microsoft Office certifications, preparing them for college, and opening more career opportunities.

“Students all over the world will now have the opportunity to access Microsoft Office skills through Jasperactive at a huge discount”, says Malcolm Knox, President and CEO of CCI Learning. “This partnership is exciting because we are placing Jasperactive where students go to access Microsoft Office, but we are also thrilled to build a deeper partnership with the amazing people at Kivuto.”

Founded on CCI Learning’s award-winning content, Jasperactive is the world’s first kinesthetic Microsoft Office learning and validation system mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist certification objectives. Jasperactive instantly measures a student’s understanding of Microsoft Office and prescribes a personalized course to each student. Jasperactive is a hands-on, live inapplication learning experience. With Jasperactive, students acquire validated Microsoft Office skills required for jobs today.

Kivuto’s DRP platform is the most flexible, secure, scalable and customizable digital distribution and management system in the market. The DRP platform includes academic end user verification, license management, e-commerce, secure distribution of digital resources, reporting and more in a cloud-based environment that is branded to the academic institution. It ensures all verified academic users have 24/7 access to digital resources anywhere in the world, on demand and provides a license and management system module specifically designed for academic institutions.

“Employers list proficiency with Microsoft Office as one of their top required skillsets when looking at hiring”, says Ryan Peatt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Kivuto. “We are 1 IDC Study: Top Skills Comparison 2013 extremely pleased to be working with CCI Learning to offer students not just the software they need to complete their studies, but the tools required to help them as they enter the workforce.”

Jasperactive Microsoft Office courses available through Kivuto’s Digital Resource Portal:

  • Microsoft Office Word 2013
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2013
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2013
  • Microsoft Office Access 2013
  • Microsoft Office Excel Expert 2013
  • Microsoft Office Word Expert 2013
  • Microsoft Office Word 2016
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2016
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2016
  • Microsoft Office Access 2016
  • Microsoft Office Excel Expert 2016
  • Microsoft Office Word Expert 2016

About CCI Learning

CCI Learning is an education technology company specializing in interactive courseware, certification, software licensing, and educator services. As a Microsoft Authorized Educational Partner, CCI Learning advances digital literacy, productivity skills and information technology for students, faculty, and staff in academic institutions worldwide. CCI Learning researches and develops award winning courseware for print, electronic and assessment engines that is sold and distributed globally. Founded on CCI Learning’s world-leading content, CCI Learning developed Jasperactive, the world’s first kinesthetic Microsoft Office learning and validation system mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist Global Standard.

About Kivuto

Kivuto Solutions is the world’s leading provider of advanced digital distribution and management solutions that enable the secure delivery of digital resources to individuals, businesses, and organizations anywhere in the world. Kivuto simplifies the process of delivering any digital good to any market under virtually any terms and conditions. Over 60,000 academic institutions and departments trust Kivuto to manage and distribute software to their students, faculty and staff. The company distributes software and other digital resources to millions of users in over 195 countries.