Building a Canadian Tech Hub Community

Here at BC Tech, we strongly believe that it takes a community to grow a tech company. Why should it be any different when it comes to building a tech hub? With that in mind, our Programs team set out to Startup Edmonton this week to attend the Canadian Digital Media Network conference, a 2-day event that brings together representatives from all major tech hubs in Canada. This was a wonderful chance to learn what is happening in other provinces, discuss the common pains tech companies are facing, and brainstorm solutions to better address these pains.

Not surprisingly, this year’s focus was talent, and our own Talent Manager, Camila Louzada, spoke about BC Tech’s 2-year talent journey designing initiatives to support our community in hiring, training and retaining qualified tech professionals. There was a lot of brainstorming on how we can best address the current talent gap, as well as what best-practices are most beneficial to share with our members when it comes to building a more efficient internal organization. Meanwhile, our Head of Growth Programs, Clayton Weir, had the unique opportunity to better understand what accelerator programs have been most successful in other provinces and share our own initiatives with others.

Startup Edmonton

It was wonderful to share our many success stories with other hubs and get inspired by theirs, and we are excited to have the opportunity to re-imagine our own programs to support our community even better.

Stay tuned for new initiatives to come soon!

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