British Invasion: BT Tech Scouting Delegation Meets 30 High Potential BC Start-ups

Author: BC Tech Association

Would you like a partner with nearly $40 Billion in sales to distribute your product for you? 

Last week over 30 BC based technology companies had the opportunity to meet Kim Gasson, the CTO of British Telecom’s FieldForce services group and Jan O’Hara from Talecom who is one of their main systems integrator partners. Working with customers like Pepsi and Royal Mail globally, their customer base is amazing and their reach extends across almost every continent, including hundreds of staff in Latin America.

In partnership with BC Ministry of International Trade and our friends over at Wavefront, we hosted the BT delegation at The Hub for three days. They were absolutely amazed with the quality of the young enterprise technology companies we are growing here in BC. They identified over a dozen solutions they would like to follow-up with in more detail or pass along to other more appropriate teams within British Telecom. We expect a handful of commercial partnerships will be consummated in the coming months and think that they enjoyed their visit sufficiently and will return sooner rather than later.

For those who missed out, Centre4Growth clients regularly receive access to opportunities to meet Multinational Investors, Partners and Customers through our Connection Day program, including several in the planning stages surrounding the BC Tech Summit and Globe 2016, as well as Angel Investors Uni-Innovation later this month.

If you are interested in being involved, please email Dylan Freeze at