British Columbia Science Students Shine on National Stage

Contributed by Science Fair Foundation of British Columbia

Science Fair Foundation BC announces outstanding achievements at this week’s Canada-Wide Science Fair in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Vancouver, BC – Seventy-two participants from 13 regions throughout BC and the Yukon presented projects in Fredericton, NB this week at the Canada-Wide Science Fair – the highest level of Science Fair competition in Canada. BC students brought home 144 awards and scholarships including the Best Project Award! “The results are truly outstanding – the best achievement ever for British Columbia students”, said Patti Leigh, Executive Director.

Projects included “A Novel Method of Identifying Genes in Electron Transfer of Exoelectrogens”, that aims to identify genes involved in bacterial extracellular electron transport to generate power in microbial fuel cells; “Exoskeleton Arm Utilizing Flexible Air Muscles”, a low cost exoskeleton that is able to amplify the user’s strength; and “How Fast Does Ice Melt? Extent and Implications of Glacial Retreat in the Skeena” used satellite images to quantify the retreat of the Skeena Watershed glaciers. These are just some of the innovative projects that speak to the youths’ concern about health and the environment.

Joining hundreds of the country’s brightest young scientific minds, BC and Yukon students competed for medals, cash awards, scholarships and other prizes. Over 1,000 student finalists, delegates and judges participated in the 54th Canada-Wide Science Fair. Participating in three categories – junior, intermediate and senior based on school grades 7 to 12. BC and Yukon students received 3 Grand Awards – Best Project Award plus 2 Platinum Awards, 7 Gold, 18 Silver and 18 Bronze Medals as well as 13 Special Awards and 85 Scholarships for a total of $203,000.

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