BCTIA runs at the PMC Science Fair Fun Run!

Sunday mornings are usually reserved for relaxing and snoozing, but yesterday we got up bright and early to participate in the 16th Annual PMC Science Fair Fun Run!

The Fun Run ensures the success of future Science Fairs in BC and allows our youth to gain the skills they need to succeed in a fast-paced, knowledge-based world. It is also the largest timed 5K fun run in the province and one of the largest fundraising events in BC’s technology sector.

The BCTIA team had a great time running by False Creek alongside 1,200 participants wearing brightly coloured orange t-shirts! The sun was shining and the crowds were cheering, so it was a great experience for us all.

Thanks to Science Fair Foundation BC, PMC, and everyone else who supported this fantastic initiative. We look forward to running with you next year!

Science Fair Fun Run