BCTIA can help you find customers

Author: Clayton Racine Weir

At the BCTIA we believe that the best way for tech companies to grow is to get more customers. While the approach seems obvious, execution is anything but.

When we launched Centre4Growth in 2010, part of what we wanted to do was introduce market-ready tech companies to qualified enterprise buyers, but we also wanted to help ready those companies to pitch like pros and land those marquee customers. So far, in the first few months of 2015 alone, we’ve brought multinationals like Boeing and 3M to the table and provided 21 tech companies with private introductions and meetings.

We also host an annual event called ConnectFX, where tech companies are invited to demo to a room of CIOs representing various local companies, and now we’re excited to announce that we’re taking 5 of those former ConnectFX companies on to a bigger and better stage.

In partnership with our friends at the CIO Council of Canada, these five companies will demo in front of 160 enterprise IT buyers at CIOCAN’s national conference taking place in Vancouver on April 14th. This is an unprecedented opportunity for these young tech companies, and it’s an excellent example of what we set out to do – help tech companies find customers.

While this opportunity is no longer open, we are always looking to meet companies who are interested in market access and capital access programs like these. If you’re a tech company ready to find customers, we can help. Contact me today and let’s get started.

Clayton Weir
Centre4Growth Senior Analyst