BC Tech’s CEO recognized in Vancouver Magazine’s Power 50 list

A message from our CEO, Jill Tipping

Accolades of any kind are truly appreciated, never taken for granted and I can’t tell you how honoured I am to be included in Vancouver Magazine’s 19th annual Power 50 list. When I graduated from Stanford in 2005 I wasn’t sure whether to stay in California, explore opportunities in Europe or Asia, or return to BC. I looked at all the options open to me and in the end the decision was made with my heart: I’d be returning to BC and to Vancouver to build my life and career in the place I love most, determined to make BC and its tech sector the rival of any in the world.

So, to be honoured by inclusion in Vancouver Magazine’s Power 50 this year along with Sue Paish of the Digital Supercluster was such a validation of that long ago decision to come home and the work we’re doing together in BC’s Tech ecosystem. Sue is an extraordinary role model and partner, powered by an inspirational vision for BC. Together with so many other mission-driven partners like Raghwa Gopal, Dan Gunn, Brea Lake, Alan Winter, Ray Walia, Brenda Bailey, Wendy Hurlburt, Prem Gill, Jeanette Jackson, Kari LaMotte, Virginia  Bremner, and countless CEOs across the tech ecosystem we are out to create a future for BC that is even better than we enjoy today.

This last year has been a challenging one for BC Tech as we navigated a changing funding landscape that put at risk key activities and programs. Nonetheless we secured essential provincial bridge funding and then a transformative $2.25M contribution from the federal government through Western Economic Diversification. The future is bright and it is made possible by a community coming together to support one another and the partnership and support of government, particularly Minister Navdeep Bains and Minister Jonathan Wilkinson.

This honour is shared with my entire BC Tech team, who bring their A game every day to champion technology in our province and the companies that bring it to life. Our mission is to make British Columbia the best place to grow and scale a tech company and we believe the best is yet to come.

Thank you Vancouver Magazine for this great honour and thank you to everyone on the list who is doing their part to make the community of Vancouver and British Columbia an amazing place to be.