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BC Tech Scholarship: Jump-Start your Career

As a society we crave technology to enhance and simplify our lives. The companies in this fast-growing industry are continuously developing and innovating to meet our needs. As companies grow, so too does the demand for talent. In fact, according to the 2016 TechTalentBC report, BC’s tech sector has the potential to create 47,000 new jobs by 2021.

So it’s clear that the tech scene is hungry for talent, but what makes it an attractive place to build a career?

Tech salaries in BC are growing faster than the national average
which reflects the increasing competition in the province. As the demand for talent grows, so will the salaries. To highlight some positions that are in high demand, Information Systems Analysts earn an average salary of $74,048 and Programmers are making an average of $71,330.

Whether it’s a service, software application, or the next cutting-edge wearable, tech companies are all trying to capture a piece of the market by making things easier, faster, and better for consumers. If you have a creative mind, enjoy challenging work, and ultimately care about making an impact, then this is the place to be.

We’re not talking about the free food, nap rooms, casual dress codes, and beer Fridays (all amazing perks, by the way), but what actually makes employees feel good about being part of an organization. Tech companies are paving the way for other industries and are recognized as some of the best places to work.

For B.C.’s tech ecosystem to progress and succeed, we need to invest in the future of our workforce and assist in the development and retention of local talent. Since 2005, the BC Tech Scholarship has been recognizing and awarding students in the province who are passionate about tech, and pursuing a related field of study at a BC-based post-secondary institution. While BC Tech Association spearheads this initiative, it is made possible by the support of companies in our ecosystem through generous contributions to the BC Tech Scholarship Fund.

In partnership with Discovery Foundation, new to the program this year is the Equality Scholarship aimed at further supporting members of underrepresented groups in the community – more specifically, Women, First Nations, Persons with Disabilities, New Immigrants, and LGBTQ. The larger goal is to go beyond building a diverse workforce, and commit to developing workplaces where everyone feels a sense of inclusion and belonging.

“The Discovery Foundation encourages more diversity in the BC tech sector by working with organizations like BC Tech to encourage more women, Aboriginal Peoples, and those with disabilities to enter, and succeed in, the sector. In particular we are encouraging technology businesses to consider more diversity on their boards and in senior management positions. Diversity brings different perspectives to solve problems. That means thinking and doing things differently, a.k.a. innovation,” said David Harper, CEO of Discovery Foundation.

Grants are available to both Grade 12 graduates entering post-secondary, and University/college students in (at least) a two-year technical program. Full details can be found here. Applications close on May 10.