BC Tech reveals the 2022 Technology Impact Awards Scholarship Recipients

As part of the 2022 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs), the BC Tech Association (BC Tech) is proud to announce the TIAs Scholarship recipients.

This marks the 17th year that BC Tech has provided financial bursaries to high-school and post-secondary students to fund their pursuit of careers in technology and innovation.

“Our impressive 2022 TIAs Scholarship recipients, will each play a part in building a strong tech-enabled future for BC. What they have already achieved and their ambitious to make in impact is truly inspirational.” Jill Tipping, President & CEO of BC Tech shared, “We are so pleased to provide financial support, through our annual scholarship fund, to invest in BC’s most-valuable resource, talent.”

In addition to the BC Tech Scholarship, the “Spirit of BC Tech” award celebrates one post-secondary and one Grade 12 student who best exemplifies the values of B.C.’s thriving tech sector by demonstrating how their ambition and resilience has helped them to overcome challenges and achieve excellence. Earlier this summer, we spoke with the recipients via Zoom about what it meant to win the scholarship – see the highlights of that celebration here

The 2022 TIAs Scholarship recipients are:

High School

Rachel Shi: Rachel will be attending the University of British Columbia in the Fall pursuing a Bachelor of Science.  Along with her peers, she founded a student a student-led organization focused on raising awareness for local and global issues in the world. Rachel hopes to use her skills and experience to help others through her career.

Nathan Stewart: Nathan will be entering UBC Bachelor of Applied Sciences Program this Fall at the University of British Columbia. He plans to major in engineering physics before continuing his graduate studies in aerospace technology. Nathan’s dream is to support the design of rocket technologies that would allow mass travel to outer space, specifically Mars.

Evan Armstrong: Evan will be attending the University of British Columbia, entering the UBC Bachelor of Science Program this Fall. While in high school, Evan authored and published “Humanity Endures”, a science fiction novel, available for purchase online. He strongly believes that tech is an unmatched force for good and wants to tap into this vast potential to create something that will benefit many.


Raeann Sherman: Raeann is currently studying at BCIT completing her Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity certification as part of her Bachelor of Technology Program.  She has completed co-op position at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and also as a cybersecurity co-op at the British Columbia Lottery Commission. After completing her degree, she will be looking for a role as an Information Security Analyst or Network Security Analyst and hopes to be a role model and mentor to other young women in cyber security.

Adel Kuanysheva: Adel is a student at BCIT completing her Diploma in Computer Information Technology.  She has gained experience in the tech industry as a Data Scientist Intern and led a student team as a Project Manager at Wattch. With a passion for data science, automation and algorithms – she is excited about further exploring the intersection of fitness & health and technology in her career.

Andy Luo: Andy is studying at the University of British Columbia pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science degree.  His interest in technology started at an early age. At age 14 he created a system to harness bacteria strains and produce electricity from dirty sludge water at age 14. Fast-forward to today, Andy spent the summer working with his team to create a robot to participate in the annual second-year engineering physics robotics competition. He hopes to change the lives of many people throughout his career by creating novel technology solutions.

A special congratulations to the winners of the Spirit of BC Tech Scholarship fund bursary recipients: Rachel Shi and Raeann Sherman.