BC Tech reveals the 2021 Technology Impact Awards Scholarship Recipients

As part of the 2021 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs), the BC Tech Association (BC Tech) is proud to announce the TIAs Scholarship recipients.

BC Tech is extremely proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 BC Tech Scholarships. This marks the 16th year that BC Tech has supported high-school and post-secondary students in pursuing careers in technology and innovation. Providing scholarship grants to students who are passionate about technology and having an impact on their communities is particularly meaningful.

BC Tech is honoured to provide scholarships to motivated young women and men who are looking forward to a rewarding career in the technology sector.

“BC’s potential is truly limitless when you look at our impressive 2021 TIAs Scholarship recipients. Their passion and enthusiasm for how technology can change the world is a true inspiration.” Jill Tipping, President & CEO of BC Tech shared, “We are so pleased to provide opportunities, through our annual scholarship fund, to invest in our most-valuable resource, talent.”

In addition to the BC Tech Scholarship, the “Spirit of BC Tech” Scholarship fund bursary celebrates one post-secondary and one Grade 12 student who best exemplifies the values of B.C.’s thriving tech sector by demonstrating how their sense of resilience inspired them to overcome challenges, solve problems, and achieve excellence.

Earlier this month, we spoke with the recipients via Zoom about what it meant to win the scholarship. A video recording of the celebration is available here

The 2021 TIAs Scholarship recipients are:

Daniel Kornylo: Daniel is a future Biology student at the University of Victoria. He has been working with technology his entire life. Daniel hopes to improve the current BC technology ecosystem and to help foster future individuals who join the industry. He is interested in specializing in neuroscience to help make a difference in society. 

Joyce Jingyi Xi: Joyce hopes to explore a career in Biomedical Engineering, in research specifically relating to organ transplants. She wishes to better the overall process for individuals requiring any kind of organ transplant as this an aspiration that is close to her heart. Joyce is a future student at University of British Columbia in Applied Sciences. 

Juliana Angel: Juliana will be attending the University of British Columbia for Engineering. She plans to become a teacher or professor in the technology field in order to continue her passion for the industry and help foster the future minds of the BC Tech ecosystem. 

Bryce Wilson: Bryce is a second-year student at the University of British Columbia in computer science. At a young age, he started learning new computer languages and hopes to use his education to contribute to environmental challenges, especially with regards to clean water and climate change. He is striving to make a mark in the computer science world and to better the tech industry. In the future, Bryce is planning on furthering his studies and attending grad school in computer science.  

Clinton Gaudet: Clinton is currently attending electrical engineering at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Clinton has worked in the labour, trades and service industries since he was 14, taking him to various remote communities throughout BC, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Yukon. In the future, Clinton plans to develop sustainable, reliable and economic energy solutions and make them available to vulnerable remote communities. Becoming an entrepreneur and beginning his own business has always been a dream for him. 

Stephanie Quon: Stepanie is an Electrical Engineering student at the University of British Columbia. She is currently a software engineering intern at Microsoft and is also a research assistant part time at the BC Centre for Disease Control’s Public Health Bioinformatics Lab. Stephanie balances an impressive academic record with multiple extracurriculars and volunteer positions, while maintaining her full-time job. In the future, she plans on creating medical devices. This career path pairs perfectly her love for technology and passion for helping others. 

A special congratulations to the winners of the Spirit of BC Tech Scholarship fund bursary recipients: Juliana Angel and Stephanie Quon.