BC Tech Launches Aspire to Tech Campaign

The best ideas come from collaboration—six-months ago a group of BC’s biggest tech CEOs came together to talk about the state of the industry, the looming talent crisis, and what they could do to get more people interested in a career in tech. After a lot of discussion, the group came together and decided that the best way to attract new talent to tech was to showcase some of the incredible individuals working in the industry. In the spirit of making BC the best place in the world to grow a tech company the BC Tech Association took charge of the project and decided to make a series of videos featuring local companies and their amazing employees. With the demand for highly skilled talent increasing around the world it was important that the campaign focused on building awareness about the diversity of opportunities available in tech in the local student population. “There is a global war on talent. To win, we recognized the importance of building a strong home team — and ensuring that we create the foundations for the next generation of talent,” said Bill Tam, president and CEO of the BC Tech Association.
Hootsuite Founder and CEO Ryan Holmes added “We are in an era of digital transformation. Most industries are in a steady state. However, technology is the one industry with massive growth and massive potential. Technology is the future, and it is disrupting all businesses. Because of this, this is where huge opportunity for youth lies.” The first two videos feature Microsoft Canada and local tech superstar Hootsuite. The videos showcase the unique stories of six up-and-comers who all found their way into the tech industry in different ways. Though their paths were all different, one thing is clear—the tech industry is full opportunity and is open to wide variety of interests and skill sets. “There is a place for everyone in tech. Tech solutions are for all types of people, and tech jobs are too,” said Ailsa Leen, product manager at Microsoft.  To learn more about the opportunities available in tech? Check out our #aspiretotech page.