BC Tech & Bioenterprise Agri-Tech Partnership | Growing an Industry of the Future

BC Tech Association  has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bioenterprise Canada, as a Knowledge and Development partner with the Food and Agri-Tech Engine. The two will work together to support and strengthen innovation across the sector, in line with BC Tech’s leadership role in bringing new opportunities to the province’s technology industry.

“We help technology companies in B.C. grow and scale, particularly through coalitions and partnerships, so we are excited to be part of Canada’s Food and Agri-Tech Engine and the network opportunities it offers,” said BC Tech CEO Jill Tipping.

By joining the Engine, BC Tech members will have access to the Bioenterprise’s national network of mentors, experts and resources, as well as new innovation funding and partnership opportunities with organizations, start-ups and businesses across the country.

“The future of agriculture depends on the development of new innovative technologies. However, finding where to start and how to grow can be a challenge, said Vancouver-based Terramera’s Founder and CEO, Karn Manhas. ”Terramera supports this partnership which will provide further resources to B.C.’s technology industry and position Canada as a leader in ensuring an earth that thrives and provides for everyone.”

Shared expertise always helps according to Michael Gilbert, Founder and CEO of Burnaby, B.C.-based Semios.

“This is a fantastic move for those of us committed to helping nature find a way to feed a growing population. In much the same way that Semios develops relationships with growers using our platform, we’re encouraged by the knowledge sharing that comes with this BC Tech and Bioenterprise partnership,” explained Gilbert. “Our sector benefits when we can all share our stories and help each other navigate challenges to growth and innovation.”

Growth and innovation are also the foundations of Canadian leadership in agriculture technologies such as commercial-scale, indoor vertical farming. Chief Technology Officer & President Edoardo De Martin at CubicFarms, in Langley, B.C., is committed to advancing responsible, sustainable and affordable food production. “This partnership between BC Tech and Bioenterprise Canada is important for entrepreneurs working to make a difference in our sector.”

For Bioenterprise, this will bring stronger ties to the West Coast and the ability to leverage partnerships and resources nationwide.

“It’s extremely encouraging to see the Engine strengthen its innovation footprint across Canada by welcoming another partner from British Columbia,” said Bioenterprise CEO Dave Smardon. “At Bioenterprise Canada, we pride ourselves on our national approach to innovation, and we appreciate the willingness of the BC Tech Association to join forces with us as we work to build a world-class agri-tech and food-tech innovation network in Canada.”

This Knowledge and Development partnership sets a path for further advancement opportunities in agri-tech as the province sets its sights on the careers and industries of the future.