BC Tech 2015

Author: BC Tech Association

Content provided by Business in Vancouver

BC TECH is B.C.’s definitive annual magazine covering the province’s technology sector. Distributed at the 2015 Technology Impact Awards, and by Business in Vancouver, this magazine is an excellent way to get your message in front of the tech industry through a publication that will be a major reference point for the coming year.

The 2015 magazine includes captivating editorial content such as:

  • Six startups: Profile of successful high-tech startups
  • Security: High tech tackles counterfeiters, traffic, spies and more
  • Game on: Microsoft and other giants face local challengers from the False Creek flats
  • Incubators: Accelerator hubs provide launching pads for new high-tech companies
  • Wearable tech: Beyond the smart watches to health monitors, fitness and on-skin displays
  • Tech in retail: RFID chips, virtual change rooms and seamless shipping transform the shopping experience
  • Sony Imageworks: Giant visual effects designer relocates from Los Angeles to Vancouver
  • Digital media: Getting the mass message out to a wired and clickcrazy world
  • Plus: Rise of the drones, Smarter condos/smart homes, Green tech breakthrough, Driverless cars, How to become a high-tech millionaires
  • The Lists: Biggest telecommunications, tech, alternative energy, life-science, web-development, video-game development, software development, and Top 100 high-tech companies in B.C. Technology directory and company index
  • Directories: Industry associations, technology directory by category

To advertise in BC Tech, contact Katherine at 604.608.5158 or email kbutler@biv.com.

Space deadline: April 24, 2015

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