BC’s Next Generation of Technology Leaders Recognized

BC Technology Industry Association Announces 2013 Scholarship Recipients 

VANCOUVER, BC, June 6, 2013 – Continuing its investment in the growth of BC’s technology industry through an investment in people, the BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) presented a total of $14,000 in scholarship grants to six BC secondary and post-secondary students. The scholarship awards were presented by BCTIA Board Member, Mr. Bill Sayles, Executive Vice-President, Business Transformation, with TELUS.

“We’re proud to support such an incredible cohort of scholarship recipients this year,” stated Bill Tam, President and CEO of the BCTIA. “A strong education system is the foundation of a knowledge economy. As an industry, we’re proud to be supporting the next generation of BC’s technology leaders,” Tam added.

The BC Technology Scholarship program is designed to support accomplished students pursuing technology-related education and training. Applicants must be enrolled in either business or science programs in a technology-related field and are selected on a basis of merit and need.

Two grants valued at $5,000 each were awarded to post-secondary students currently studying either business or science in a technology-related field. The recipients were:

Ms. Ashley Luft, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
Ashley is currently enrolled in her second undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria. She completed her first degree in Computer Science in 2010, despite medical complications from a brain tumour. While Ashley enjoys software development, she has found her true passion in hardware and is seeking to create a career developing microprocessors, embedded processors and integrated circuits. Ashley’s goal is to eventually found her own hardware engineering firm.

Mr. Perry Taylor, Camosun College / University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
Currently enrolled in a Bridge program at Camosun College, Perry is working to leverage his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering into a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Victoria. With a passion for aeronautics and aerospace, Perry seeks to focus his studies on fluids and aerodynamics; rounding out his skillset with a minor in business. An acting sub-lieutenant in the Navy League Cadet Corps, Perry provides leadership and education as a volunteer to cadets aged 9 to 13. His life goal is to use his skills in aviation to create a new aerial vehicle.

Four grants valued at $1,000 each were awarded to BC high school students who are seeking post-secondary studies in science or technology-related fields.

Mr. Steven Huang, Templeton Secondary School, Vancouver, BC
A gamer since he was a child, Steven has always been fascinated with the field of artificial intelligence, first in gaming, and now in broader areas. As such, his goal is to become a computer scientist where he can apply his skills to advancing the field of AI to benefit society. Already proficient in several programming languages, Steven is currently enrolled in online Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence courses at MIT and the University of California at Berkeley respectively. In the fall, Steven will be attending SFU in their Bachelor of Science in Computing Science program.

Mr. Jesse Kazemir, Riverside Secondary School, Port Coquitlam, BC
Hard of hearing since birth, Jesse has been reliant on technology since he received his first hearing aids at the age of two months. Rather than viewing it as a disability, Jesse uses it as an inspiration. Enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science Program in Engineering Science at SFU, Jesse looks forward to studying a variety of areas within engineering. He enjoys the tangible aspects of mechanical engineering, but also desires to build the software and control systems required to run them. A talented musician, Jesse performs locally and internationally with the North Shore Celtic Ensemble. Additionally, Jesse lends his time to speak to younger students about learning with a hearing impairment.

Mr. Jonah Kruesel, Timberline High School, Campbell River
Since he started programming in Grade 6, Jonah has been positioning himself for a career in software development. In his first year of high school, Jonah challenged Athabasca University’s first year Software Engineering course and subsequently completed their second year Java course, scoring 86%. Jonah is currently teaching himself Python, and tinkers with Arduino microprocessors. This fall, Jonah will be attending the University of Victoria where he will be working on a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and taking full advantage of their co-op program.

Mr. Henry Stoldt, Correlieu Secondary School, Quesnel, BC
Looking to study Engineering, Henry is already an accomplished IT professional. As CompTIA A+ certified computer technician, Henry has already coded and published his own game for the Windows Phone. In his spare time, Henry is an active soccer player and volunteers providing computer maintenance and graphic design at the Quesnel Community Futures and Chamber of Commerce offices.

The BCTIA launched the Technology Scholarship Fund at its 2005 Technology Impact Awards dinner, seeding the fund with a donation of $10,000. Since then the fund has grown to over $250,000 with all contributions coming from industry.

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