AutismBC to host coding competition at Hootsuite to raise awareness of autism

AutismBC are excited to announce the launch of < / crack.the.code > a new coding event coming to Vancouver in March 2018.

< / crack.the.code > hosted by Hootsuite will see teams from tech companies and universities compete in a hackathon event on day one, following by a problem based coding competition for local high school teams on day two. Both competitions will aim to raise funds to support the work AutismBC does, providing education and training programs to workplaces and communities across the province.

“As Vancouver’s tech industry continues to grow and with coding now apart of the BC school curriculum, we see many individuals affected by autism excelling in STEM subjects. < / crack.the.code > will focus attention on the unique benefits that individuals with autism can bring to teams, in schools, workplaces and organizations and start new conversations around inclusion in the workplace to support the growing number of young adults with autism currently unemployed” says Andrew Pinfold, Director of Operations at AutismBC.

In British Columbia, it is estimated that 56,000 people, of them 44,000 adults, have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis. With global reports indicating that 60% of adults with autism are unemployed, yet willing and capable of work increasing awareness of autism in the workplace and providing support and training to organizations committed to hiring and retaining employees with autism is a key focus for AutismBC.

Matt Handford, SVP of People for Hootsuite said “We are pleased to be hosting < / crack.the.code > and look forward to welcoming teams from across the industry to Hootsuite for this years competition. We are proud to support AutismBC as they drive forward the importance of diversity and inclusion in workplaces, and welcome the opportunity to help neurotypical and neurodiverse young people considering future careers in technology to participate in this unique event.”

Registration opens for corporate, university and high school teams from January 29 until February 28 and more details can be found here.

About AutismBC
AutismBC is British Columbia’s entry point and knowledge resource for all things autism. We empower those on the spectrum and their advocates, with the information and pathways to education to help those affected achieve their fullest potential. Our commitment starts with early diagnosis and intervention, and extends the entire lifespan of British Columbians on the autism spectrum. Connect with us here.

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