How to Attract Top Tech Talent with a Competitive Hiring Process

This article was contributed by IT/IQ Tech Recruiters. IT/IQ Tech Recruiters is a technology recruitment agency providing both contract and permanent employment services to the top employers in BC. Their team is determined to take the necessary steps to best identify the goals, motivations, and culture of each person they work with, whether that be clients, candidates or consultants. IT/IQ looks to set the bar for the industry through their purpose of creating opportunity and building connections that work for everyone involved.

By: Trevor Pidcock, Executive Director, Business Operations, IT/IQ Tech Recruiters and
Stephanie Ross, Marketing Communications Specialist, IT/IQ Tech Recruiters

The most talented developers, systems experts and project managers are not unlike the top athletes in their given profession. With a net worth of $100 million, Steve Wozniak (computer programmer who co-founded Apple Computer) is worth more than Steven Stamkos and Sidney Crosby combined. Like professional athletes, technology experts have spent significant time and money honing their skills to become the best – and they know they’re in high demand.

Unlike the leading NHL teams, we may not be in the enviable position to spend copious capital on talent or have an attractive winning pedigree like the Montreal Canadiens or Detroit Red Wings. Rather, what if the IT recruitment industry is more like the financial underdogs – comparable to the Vancouver Canucks or San Jose Sharks? Does it always come down to money? If so, do you always have to settle for second place?

Sometimes yes, but not always. Consider the following and put yourself and your company in the best position to have the top talent select you.


One of the key metrics recruiting and human resources managers review is “time to hire” – the time from initial engagement to acceptance of the offer. The best technology candidates don’t wait around long once they become active in their job search. Typically, one month to six weeks is the window of opportunity and your organization’s ability to quickly identify, interview and issue an offer to the most suitable talent is essential. Look at your process critically and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is everyone in the hiring process aligned? Make sure everyone has agreed on the skills and profile of the ideal candidate for the role before you go to market.
  • What key skills are you willing to be flexible on in the hiring process? Someone with a passion to become a stronger developer will be a lifelong learner, even if they may need to learn a new methodology.
  • Death by interview? Great talent will not stick around for a five-step process, that is unless you’re Google, and maybe not even then.

Are you making the application process difficult? The best tech talent isn’t going to jump over hurdles to send you their resume. Keep the application process simple.


Most candidates never receive any follow up after an interview – treat people like you want to be treated. You’ve got to let the candidate know what’s going on in the process. They may be interested in your company, but a lack of follow up could lead to their attention shifting from your opportunity to a more active one.


You’ve worked hard to build a great product or service. You offer great benefits, competitive salary and a fantastic work environment. Don’t flub the delivery.

How are you presenting your employment brand to the world? Ask your current team of developers if your job posting would get them excited and interested. If the consensus is “no”, you can bet that those in the market won’t be excited either.

Are you partnered with people who understand your message? If you’re engaging a recruitment firm in the hiring process, ask them how they present your opportunity to the market. Are your recruiting partners inadvertently hurting your ability to hire top talent due to a weak message?

As in sports, you’re not always going to win, but you can at least make sure you’re competing. Good luck out there!