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Be in charge of your own career path, develop your skills, and change the world with your work.

There is no one path to finding a career that you love—trial and error are part of the process. But what if you could work in an industry where you aren’t limited to one job or employer? Where you can try different roles until you find the one that fits you. Over the next five years, there will be over forty thousand tech jobs in BC that will need to be filled. Plus, you’ll be working in a super-cool industry that is transforming the world.

Tech is waiting for you. Learn more about the tech careers and companies here in BC!

Careers in Tech – Companies

BC Tech member companies are great places to work! From the big problems that they are tackling, to the culture of a company and the experiences of their employees, our Careers in Tech – Companies looks behind the scenes to find out more.

Career in Tech – Jobs

Our spotlight shares resources about jobs in tech and explores the experiences of current tech employees here in BC. Find out how they were introduced to tech, what they are passionate about and what advice they have for those who might be considering a tech career!

Aspire to Tech – Feature Videos

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Women in Tech

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