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Member Spotlight

Tell me about your company. When were you founded?  What do you do?  Where are you located?

Originally, we were known as Xencall until our recent rebrand. We’re now ReadyMode.  We were founded in 2014 and the problem we solve is that we help contact centers engage with their clients.  We’re all about increasing agent productivity to make sure that your sales team is connecting with customers as quickly as possible with a lot less downtime and facilitating communication between the two.  Our headquarters are in Vancouver. We also have employees throughout Canada and will soon be opening a Montreal office.

What are you most proud of, in terms of company milestones?

I would say we are most proud of our revenue growth in the past year.  Since 2020 we’ve almost doubled revenue, and also our employee count.  In 2019, we were about 25-30 people and currently we are just over 60 people, and plan to hire 40 more people in next 12 months, so that is a lot of growth. Also, we’ve helped facilitate 10 billion calls per year, which is an absolutely massive number.  We have about 1900 active clients and as you can imagine all the challenges that go with that, and the gratification of helping to solve problems for so many people.

How would you describe your company culture?  What are three words you would use to describe your company?

Our three values are empowerment, engagement, and empathy – and that’s for our customers, our employees, and our partners.

What is it like to work for ReadyMode?

This is a very fast-moving industry and it’s always changing.  We are always navigating new features and new problems that our customers have.  Our company is all about being agile. We’ve also got the hustle and we’re problem solvers at the end of the day, whether we’re solving problems for own business or others.  How do we grow?  How do we make sure we’re the best out of ourselves?  How can we best help our customers? It’s also a flat organization, we don’t really have too much hierarchy.  Everyone’s empowered to do the best they can, and everyone has a voice.  We’re very proud of that as well.

Why is it a great place to work?

I know everyone says it, but I believe it’s true – to me it’s the people.  There’s such high demand for tech talent that any of us could choose to be anywhere, but the reason that we stick to our team is that we’re an enjoyable company to work for and for people to work with.  We’re solving problems that are important, like growth.  At the end of the day, it’s all about growing sales – helping your customers that start off with two or three users increase to dozens or hundreds of users.  We have many case studies in which a small business – even a solo entrepreneur – scales up to an enterprise with our help.  That’s incredibly gratifying, and you learn so much along the way.

In their own words – what do your employees say?

Are you hiring at the moment?

We are hiring about 40 people in the next 12 months.  We have dozens of postings right now across every single department.  If you’re a person that’s curious about this industry and you have some skills, we want to talk to you. Check out our careers page.