Aspire to Tech – Kobalt Security

Member Spotlight

Tell me about your company. When were you founded? What do you do? Where are you located?

Kobalt Security was founded three years ago in Vancouver, but our entire team is completely remote, so we have people in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and India.  Due to COVID, we are completely remote right now.

What is the big problem your company is tackling?

Kobalt Security tackles the cyber security posture of companies in the small-to-medium business space. Anything from gap-assessments to ensuring that our client’s security is air-tight, and they’re protected against ransomware attacks of any kind.  We provide cyber security audits and monitoring services, and actual services built.  We ensure the data is handled correctly, and companies are able to continuously focus on their growth while we handle security for them.  We protect them from any kind of malicious attacks along the way.

What are you most proud of in terms of company milestones?

I’m most proud of is the culture the company has been able to create.  Right now, especially with a completely decentralized, remote-only workspace and workforce.  We have people in India and all over North America. We have built an alliance of a couple of hundred members, many of them external to Kobalt, that we’re able to bring in when we need for specific, specialized projects.  For example, for a big sports organization, we will bring in one of our alliance members with experience who specializes in that area and then they’ll help with the consulting.

I was one of the first employees and now we’ve doubled in size while also doubling in revenue.  The rate of growth and the drive to succeed that we see from the team has been a great milestone for us.

How would you describe your company culture?

The company culture itself is a very lighthearted culture. There’s no hierarchy that would prevent coordinators from speaking to the CEO.   We get everyone to communicate.  When we do our weekly meetings, I tell my team that if I do anything wrong, or if there’s anything I could do better, call me on it.

We really encourage everyone to have a voice in the company and I think that is the biggest part of our culture.  Everyone has a voice and we encourage active participation.

What are three words that you would use to describe your company?

Driven, Outgoing, and Tenacious.

What is it like to work at your company? Why is it a great place to work?

The workday is structured around each and individual member. We don’t set everyone’s schedules for them. We allow them to self-schedule.  Working at Kobalt Security is to be autonomous. We give a lot of leeway and bandwidth for each member to be self driven and manage themselves. We have a team of extremely experienced and knowledgeable managers, directors, and senior members that help guide the junior employees through their career. We intentionally hire tenacious, driven members which leads to have an experienced, super outgoing team who helps to grow your career.

In their own words – what do your employees say?

Are you hiring?

We are hiring right now.  We’re always looking for new security analysts. We will be hiring for sales members, down the road as well. Check out our careers page.