Aspire to Tech – Change Healthcare

Member Spotlight

Tell me about your company. When were you founded? What do you do? Where are you located?

Our company is Change Healthcare. We are a healthcare technology company, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. There are many different areas of the company including health insurance automation, as well as tools and technology to support the US health care industry.

The part of the company that I’m involved in specializes in clinical applications, technology, and automation around supporting hospitals, and their patients and administration. We offer a full range of tools and support to hospitals and healthcare, and give technology solutions to both sides.

The current incarnation of Change Healthcare was formed three years ago. It was formed by a merger between Change Healthcare, which was a private company at the time, and McKesson Technologies. The merger enabled us to provide an even wider range of solutions to our clients.

What is the big problem your company is tackling?

The big problem that our company is tackling is helping healthcare institutions like hospitals and imaging centers become more efficient, reduce costs, and to pass on good experiences to their customers. In the US, healthcare is more complicated, so it’s our mandate to make life easier for all those institutions and to pass the cost savings and efficiencies down to their customers, which are ultimately patients and everyday people who are coming to these facilities.

What are you most proud of in terms of company milestones?

In the last three years we’ve been moving our on-premise radiology clinical applications to the cloud. In the last year, we’ve succeeded in releasing some of these products, and onboarded customers to the new system. Seeing that people are ready to adopt cloud technology in healthcare, and are excited about it and what we’ve been able to do, is a major milestone for us.  We’ve been able to change how we deliver software, how we provide it to the customer, and how we support it.

How would you describe your company culture?

I would say that our culture is one of supporting each other. I found that the culture at Change Healthcare is quite open. It’s really nice to know that I can reach out to anyone in the organization, even outside my business unit, and always get a very helpful response.  Everyone I work with understands that we all have a purpose, and we’re all doing our job. We support each other laterally and even vertically up the chain.  I’ve always felt very comfortable here and supported by all my teammates.

What are three words that you would use to describe your company

As a company, we have always been very open to new ideas and solutions, so I would say that innovative is one word to describe the culture at Change Healthcare. For years, we have encouraged teams and individuals to come forth with ideas and those ideas are always listened to.  There is also a distinct sense of purpose among my teammates and what we do.  We’re not just making plastic widgets; we’re improving people’s healthcare experience.

What is it like to work at your company? Why is it a great place to work?

It is challenging in the sense that our business unit is changing its technologies so drastically and has been for the last couple years. It’s not just the technology of our product but also how we’re delivering it and how we’re building it. Change Healthcare is a great place to work because you really get a sense of working with teams together to move projects forward. For example, on my team, we’re in-between development teams and cloud support teams, and we’re all working towards the same end goal. Regardless of who I’m talking to, whether it’s a peer or a manager, in the end it all comes down to what we’re doing and finding the best way to do it, leveraging everything we can to help us get us there.

In their own words – what do your employees have to say?

Are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring for many technical roles like developers and positions in cloud SRE. We are also hiring for different development management roles – there’s all sorts of hiring going on! We’re looking for good people. Check out our career page!