AOT Technologies Start Work on the Tobacco & Fuel Tax Exemption Simplification Project for the BC Ministry of Finance

AOT Technologies are proud to announce it has entered into a long-term agreement with the BC Ministry of Finance to develop and implement a new electronic system that will remove the existing paper-based system for retailers and improve the customer experience of First Nations customers when making tax-exempt tobacco or fuel purchases on-reserve in British Columbia.

As of January 2021, Team and AOT, and the Ministry have conducted workshops to better understand how retailers and consumers will use the system. This process was vital in giving both sets of users the opportunity to provide input on the new system.

The team is currently working on features that will deliver real-time electronic verification of a customer’s eligibility for tax-exempt fuel and tobacco purchases. This process will ease accountability and record-keeping for retailers.

You can read more about the Tobacco & Fuel Tax Exemption Simplification Project here.