Advanced Intelligent Systems Launches Modular UV Light Disinfection Robot

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Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster awards $975,615 to AIS to provide safe robotic solution in response to COVID-19

Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS), a leading custom robotics company providing modular systems to create practical robots announced today it has developed a new proprietary robot to perform hands-free UV disinfection without human intervention. The autonomous robot will be able to map large-scale environments to navigate to interest points, and perform various disinfection tasks using UV technology. AIS’ mobile UV disinfection robot will help provide critical support to hospitals, senior care facilities and the health care workers dealing with safety and resource issues during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We strongly believe this project will be instrumental in supporting hospitals, elderly homes and healthcare workers to effectively manage resources during and post the COVID-19 pandemic. AIS plans to incorporate more of its robotics modules in the future to cater its disinfection, surveillance and detection capabilities to provide unique solutions for restaurants, offices, warehouses and manufacturing plants,” said Afshin Doust, AIS CEO.

AIS was awarded $975,615 from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, to develop the made-in-Canada mobile robot; the grant represents 50 per cent of the total project cost of $1.95 million. NGEN recently announced it co-invested $5 million in projects leading to the development and production in Canada of automated hands-free disinfection technologies to help stop the spread of COVID-19. AIS was one of the companies awarded a grant.

A key area of AIS development is modular design for robots. Discrete modules that are interoperable and exchangeable enable greater flexibility for robotics consumers, which is especially key now as there are a number of industries that can benefit from a hands-free robotic solution for disinfection. AIS leads the Canadian market for creating customized and modular robotics solutions to automate business processes. Using technology that is based on modularity and AI-enhanced autonomy, AIS develops and manufactures practical robot assistants designed to ease traditional labor and safety burdens across multiple industries.


Advanced Intelligence Systems Inc. (AIS) is a private company specializing in autonomous mobile robotics to solve real industry problems Headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia, AIS leads the Canadian market for creating customized and modular robotics solutions to automate business processes. The AIS team has superior intellectual property and patents which are currently being applied to develop custom robotic solutions for various industries such as horticulture, agriculture, health care, retail, restaurant, manufacturing, and warehousing industries. AIS’ autonomous robots have the intelligence to perform repetitive or dangerous tasks with exceptional dexterity and precision. Collectively, the AIS team has decades of experience in robotics engineering, management, and operations.

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