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BC Tech provides Canadian technology companies with the support needed to successfully enter new global markets through expert market research and outbound trips to strategic countries around the world. Leverage BC Tech’s expertise and network to accelerate your transition into international markets.

In-Market Customer Discovery

Going global and exploring new markets is crucial in scaling your business. BC Tech’s In-market Customer Discovery program helps you validate if you have the right product for the right market with the right business model. BC Tech engages local sales agents in your target market to conduct primary research with your potential customers.

Outbound Market Trips: Build International Connections

BC Tech introduces your company to end customers, channel partners and government agencies to streamline access to global markets. Trips are focused on a specific industry subsector tailored to the target market and participating companies. BC Tech actively partners with Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service to provide:

  • One-on-one meetings with high-level decision makers
  • Industry trade shows and conferences
  • Networking receptions with key industry players
  • Travel assistance funding

With this targeted approach, our program ensures participating companies make the connections needed to take their business to the next level.

A travel subsidy is provided up to 75%.