AI Vertical Accelerator Program

Customized programming to scale up high potential AI companies

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AI Vertical Companies

The program is designed for small and medium-sized tech businesses who are:

  • A.I. companies with supply chain solutions
  • Supply chain technology companies looking to adopt A.I.
  • A.I. companies who wish to adapt their technologies to supply chain challenges

Accelerating Your Growth

The HyperScale A.I. program is designed to provide flexibility to address gaps that limit growth and to connect cohort companies with leading A.I. experts, mentors, talent and international customers. The program is divided into 3 key areas:

  • Access to Knowledge – Learn from experts within the industry and academia on key issues and opportunities facing A.I. in supply chains.
  • Access to Customers – Gain International and domestic customers and partnerships for business matchmaking and collaboration.
  • Access to Talent – Acquire access to a talent pool of A.I. professionals and experienced consultants.

Access resources & funding to build your business

The program is delivered through a number of activities designed to grow your business by expanding access to knowledge, customers, and talent:

  • Expert seminars on AI, supply chains, IP, fundraising, etc.
  • Access to experienced AI and business mentors.
  • BC Tech matches industrial customers with A.I. supply chain solution providers for business matchmaking and collaboration at a unique collision day.
  • Take advantage of funding to access experienced consultants to fill skill gaps at your business that go beyond what mentorship can provide.

AI Vertical Accelerator Program Resources

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Thank you to our sponsors

To apply for the program, sign up through the BC Tech Application

For more information about the AI Vertical Accelerator program please contact