2016 BC Tech 4-Point Plan for Growth

BC has the potential to become one of the top technology ecosystems globally.

BC Tech’s Association’s 4-Point Plan outlines 16 key actions across four pillars that will accelerate the future growth of BC’s tech sector, yielding more successful tech companies, create more high-paying jobs, and boosting BC’s global competitiveness and economic prosperity.

Talent: Invest In Developing and Attracting World-Class Talent

Canada needs to create a more conducive environment to encourage, develop and attract the best talent. To win the war on talent, we need to streamline immigration and invest in expanding and improving the education system to nurture a homegrown tech talent pool in the province.

1. Invest an incremental $100MM in post-secondary to expand graduates of tech programs.

2. Enhance the curriculum and experiential learning in post-secondary.

3. Invest in K-12 programs to teach coding and technology in the curriculum.

4. Improve the immigration system for highly skilled and experienced talent.


Scale Up: Encourage Companies to Grow and Achieve Global Competitiveness

Successful ecosystems have significantly larger cohorts of medium and large sized companies. To compete globally and scale-up BC’s tech ecosystem, we must employ a strategy that encourages the growth of small companies to become medium and large anchor companies by improving and supporting competitive tax structures.

1. Streamline the multitude of tax programs to encourage companies to grow and invest in jobs.

2. Consolidate provincial tax programs into a single R&D Labour Tax Credit.

3. Establish a BC Technology Commercialization Tax Credit.

4. Simplify and extend the federal SR&ED program.


Markets: Expand Access To Procurement And Global Markets

1. Expand the Build in Canada Innovation Program to BC.

2. Introduce a pilot program for Set-Asides in government procurements.

3. Improve access to existing government procurement programs.

4. Invest in market development programs that expand export activity.


Capital: Expand Access To Global Capital To Grow Companies

1. Invest in building strong programs to attract global capital.

2. Enhance and expand the Angel Tax Credit program.

3. Continue to support existing venture capital programs.

4. Expand debt and lending options.



4-point one-pager


here’s a Detailed 4-Point Plan


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