20 Technology Companies Lip-Sync for Local Charities – Tech’s Got Talent Recap

Author: BC Tech Association

Last night 20 technology companies lip-synced their hearts out at a huge community fundraiser, Tech’s Got Talent. Plenty of Fish and Chimp, two tech leaders who value community engagement, created this event to challenge companies to find creative ways to raise funds for local children’s charities.

Throughout the night, remixes and mash-ups of songs from the 80’s to current pop songs were played and performers strutted their stuff in the craziest of outfits. Among those were some wannabe Backstreet Boys and countless day-glo tights… we were also excited to see Britney Spears make multiple appearances on stage.

While everyone was jiving to the music, our team was busy serving some delicious buttery popcorn for all to enjoy and had a great time meeting people dressed in funky costumes.

Popcorn at Tech's Got Talent

The final three came down to Hootsuite, Mobify, and Plenty of Fish. All three companies did a great job during their final 30-second performance, but only one made it to the top. After listening to which company received the loudest cheers from the crowd, the final decision was made and the winning title was awarded to Mobify! In addition to winning a 4-foot tall trophy, they received $2,500 to give to their local charity of choice. Nice!

Tech's Got Talent

We would like to thank Plenty of Fish, Chimp, and all of the supporters at Tech’s Got Talent for making this event a success! We had a fantastic time and look forward to seeing what next year’s community fundraiser will be like!

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