Apply for Community Engagement Award

Recognizing a company that has a positive impact on BC the community in which they live, work, and play. This organization will likely balance charitable giving with employee volunteer hours and/or discounted product/service pricing to charitable entities. Corporate social responsibility will be in the DNA of the company culture.

Here are the criteria to base applications on:

  • At any stage of the company lifecycle; startup, growth-stage, established, etc.
  • Exemplifies and embraces supporting the community in an honest way.
  • Technology or Professional Service-focused

Evaluation Criteria

Completed applications should include responses to all topics/questions below.


  • A 60-second video on why you think your company deserves to be a finalist in this category. (A scrappy cellphone video is great. Send us the link via Dropbox or any any other file sharing app)


  • 200 max words description of your company.

MUST COVER: How your story is part of the fabric of BC’s tech ecosystem. Past, present, or future.


  • 500 max words on the employee programs (e.g., volunteer hours), charitable giving, and/or discounts provided to charitable entities.  Your company has committed to the BC community.

MUST COVER: Actual figures (dollars and hours) with broad details on any applicable community events that the company has engaged in.


  • 200 max words on how you believe your organization has positively impacted people, programs, and entities who were recipients of your generosity.

MUST COVER: Examples or quotes, feedback from people, programs who have been positively impacted and what the outcome was.


  • 500 max words on what your company’ believes the broader tech community could do to have a greater collective impact on the communities in which we operate. 

MUST COVER: At least one suggestion on how to inspire other tech companies to commit greater resources to community impact.


  • 2-3 people who can speak to your community engagement.