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Tech and People Network (TAP Network)

Home Phone: 604) 874-2653 Website: TAP

Company info

We are a community of People and Culture professionals committed to driving growth and success in Canada’s tech sector. We provide our members with access to tech sector data, mentors, industry experts and an inclusive peer community to drive innovation, collaboration and results.Through our programs and events, we foster peer-to-peer connections and collaboration that enable learning and knowledge sharing.

We produce Western Canada’s leading survey on tech salaries and are a proud resource of benchmark data to keep our members up to date on local and national best practices. In 2022 we are expanding our salary survey and our services nationally so all of Canada’s tech sector People and Culture professionals can benefit from our unique community.

Our 900+ members lead and influence the People and Culture practices at over 250 tech companies, spanning numerous sub-sectors, including ICT, VFX and Animation, Interactive and Digital Entertainment, Clean Tech, AI, Life Sciences and more.

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