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Photo of Cue North (building Sway)

Cue North (building Sway)

Company info

Cue North is a digital advisory company and product studio. We combine design, development, process, change management and data insights to accelerate digital transformations. Some of our work include: – digitizing manual processes for efficiencies – creating databases to manage critical workflows – building portals and websites for better customer experiences We are digital advisors for the Canada Digital Adoption Program, specializing in working with healthcare practitioners who are also business owners. We’ve worked with dentists, optometrists and other health business owners across Canada. We’re building modern websites for health businesses and we can help you access a grant for this work. We’re building a mobile app to reduce staffing gaps in healthcare – check out Shyfted. We are proud to be a SHE Certifiedᵀᴹ company. For more information, please visit We work with forward-thinking businesses who wants to embrace technology to thrive.