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Cerevent Technologies Inc.

Website: Cerevent Technologies Inc.

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We all have loved ones that we want to invite to our birthdays, weddings or simple gatherings. But due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, we tend to cut loose some family members and friends over time as you can’t gather in person. However, available platforms are either business oriented or inadequate to provide a true event experience. Moreover, it is expensive and technical to manage and organise a virtual event as an individual. Here comes Cerevent, we are a virtual events platform, especially made for personal events that in one simple click you can organise, personalize, socialize, play, eat gift, enjoy family and friends gatherings where ever you can be on the planet. Be at home with your parents for your birthday and want your cousins from Germany to be there that will be possible through Cerevent. You want to celebrate a newborn in Dubai, but your friends and from the USA will be able to congratulate you and gift you for this special moment. You are in a retirement home that can’t leave, but you want to participate your granddaughter graduation. That will be possible through Cerevent.