BC Tech Team

These are the faces that make up  BC Tech. Our team is passionate about tech and excited to connect with you. We’re already championing a wide variety of initiatives, tech companies, entrepreneurs, students and more.

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Jill Tipping
President & CEO
Brian Roberts
VP of Strategy & Execution
Anastasia Hambali
Senior Manager, Programs
Mervyn Mabini
Manager, Programs
Poppy Driver
Manager, Programs
Danielle McKeirnan
Manager, Programs
Kimia Hedayati
Business Development
Lar Quigley
Senior Manager, Members
Staff400x400 Anne
Anne Ngan
Manager, Members
Chris Malmo-Laycock
Senior Manager, Policy
Maria Louie
Manager, Marketing
Jenn Sullivan
Manager, Events
Lauren Tamkee-Ratcliffe
Coordinator, Programs
Elaine Rosario
Chief of Staff & People Lead
Evelyn Lee