The Five Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in BC

The Five Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in BC


If you’ve watched HBO’s Silicon Valley or have friends who work in tech you’ve probably heard about all of the amazing benefits of working for a startup (innovative technologies, rewarding careers, amazing culture, super-cool hipsters, ping pong tables, and of course, beer). The good news? Tech jobs are on the rise in BC, and there will be thousands of positions that need to be filled over the next five years.

So, if you’re just starting to think about what you want to be when you grow up or are tired of current nine to five, here’s a list of the five tech jobs that will be in high demand until 2021.

Information Systems Analyst and Consultants

Move over programmers and web developers—information systems analysts and consultants are the new popular kid in town. Tech companies can’t operate without their tech stack, and that’s why this role is going to explode in popularity over the next four years.


Great pay. The median salary for a Systems Analyst and Consultant in BC is $74,048.

Fly Solo or be a team player. In this role, you’ll get the best of both worlds and will likely get to tackle projects alone (research, programming, etc.) and as a part of a team (requirement gathering, tech implementations, etc.).

Must Haves: 

A passion for technology—your job is to design systems and procedures to help companies optimize their efficiency, so if you don’t love researching and implementing the latest tech, this job is not for you. Requirements for this role usually include a bachelor degree in Computer Science or, less frequently, a college diploma in a similar technical program.

Number of jobs that will be available from 2017-2021: 4000

Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers

Programmers, web developers, and UI/UX designers will continue to be some of the most sought-after hires for tech companies. As the backbone of most tech products and services, these positions are essential to the growth of a company.


Great pay. The average salary for a programmer in BC is $71,330. As the demand for experienced developers continues to grow in the province so too will salaries.

Flexibility. Work for a company, work as a contractor, start your own company, or work remote—what you want your career to look like is entirely up to you.

Must Haves: 

To be successful in this type of career you need to be creative, work well with others, love problem solving, and have a lot of patience. A degree in computer science is usually wanted by employers but is not required. Alternatively, an intensive coding or UI/UX course may be enough to land you a position.

Number of jobs that will be available from 2017-2021: 2500

Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations and Technical Sales Professionals

Organic revenue growth is rare, making sales and marketing essential for scaling a tech company. If you are creative, goal-oriented, and love a challenge, marketing and sales for tech can be a fun and satisfying career.


High Salary Potential. Marketing and sales professionals are paid well in tech. Median salaries range from $40,000-$65,000. Also, most sales professionals earn commission on top of their base salary.

Learning Opportunities and professional development. As the internet and consumer habits continue to evolve so to do the tactics and tools to market and sell. Both fields require constant learning to stay on top of current trends and strategies.

Must Haves: 

The ability to move fast and adapt to an ever-changing environment. Most employers also require a bachelor degree in communications, marketing, business, economics, or accounting.

Number of jobs that will be available from 2017-2021: 3500

Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Pursue your dreams of being a non-starving artist as a graphic designer, 3D graphic designer, animator, UX/UI artist, VX artists, or industrial designers.


Express Your Creativity. Graphic design and illustration are two of a few careers that allow you to express your creativity at work. As a part of the design team of a company, you will be an active contributor to the visual aspects of a brand.

Flexibility. Graphic design and illustration are incredibly flexible and allow for multiple career paths—you can work in-house for a company, as a contractor, freelance, or start your own design firm.

Must Haves: 

The beauty of being a graphic designer is that the proof of your skill is in your work. While most employers would like you to have a bachelor’s degree or design certificate, you can get a job with a great portfolio. Most companies also require that you be well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Number of jobs that will be available from 2017-2021: 1500

Computer Network Technicians

If you are a hardware junkie, this is the role for you. As a computer network technician, you’ll spend your day installing, configuring, repairing, and maintaining computers and all of the other tech in the office.


You’re a key player on the team. Even though this is considered an entry-level position for IT, you’ll likely become an indispensable member of any team as you will be the go-to person for all hardware related questions/problems.

You’ll get to be a teacher. With the technology changing so quickly you’ll likely be asked to teach staff about how to use new programs and tools.

Must haves: This role will require patience—you’ll probably have to answer the same questions/ do the same repairs multiple times. You’ll also likely need a Computer Network Technician college certificate.

Number of jobs that will be available from 2017-2021: 1400

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