Spotlight on Left

This week’s Spotlight on Tech features Left, a company that builds, launches, and incubates businesses that will leave a lasting mark on the world. Read on to learn more about their amazing story!

Describe your company and your primary product(s) and/or service(s).

We are Left, and we say that we like to do things right. What this means is that we are using technology and innovation to solve some of the world’s biggest problems — the biggest of which, we believe, is connectivity in emerging markets. If we improve connectivity we can reduce poverty, improve health outcomes, spread education, and lift up entire economies. Our focus is on bringing connectivity to the next 4 billion users and the 20 billion IoT sensors that are about to come online through our decentralized mobile mesh technology (RightMesh). And while it is a huge opportunity (and challenge), it is also the right thing to do.

How many employees currently work at your company?

We have a growing team of 35 tech professionals locally in Maple Ridge and 70 in Bangladesh.

We are proud of our culture and gender diversity and have 51% women in in our Canadian office and a 50% female executive team.

Where are you located?

Left is a Canadian-made multinational technology company, based out of Maple Ridge with offices in Bangladesh.

Describe the culture at your company.

Left’s founders, Chris Jensen and John Lyotier, had a dream to create a company built on core values and an anything-is-possible attitude that can make this planet a better place.

Left’s vibrant culture has a strategic foundation but exists because of our awesome team that lives and breathes our core values every single day. Most of the cool things we do are driven by our ‘Lefties’ themselves, which is why the #LeftyLife, like technology, is always evolving. Our workplace, recognized as the “Best in BC” by Small Business BC and two-time winner of the BC Tech Community Engagement Award, is a playground for our team to work on what they’re passionate about with a team they treat like family. Our dedicated team champions our cultural initiatives to help promote a healthy, inspiring, ever-evolving, and ridiculously passionate workplace.

When your employees talk about your company, what do they brag about?

  • B-Corp Certified: We are always saying “We’re Left. We do things right!”, and our Certified B Corporation provides us with a stamp to prove it. To be a Certified B Corporation you need to meet a certain standard for social and environmental performance that positively impacts your staff, community, customers and environment.
  • Community Impact: As a Lefty, you receive unlimited individual Community Hours; therefore, you can take the day or a couple hours to go out and help in your community. We are incredibly proud that our team collectively volunteered over 1,000 hours in our Communities during 2017!
  • Our Mission: We believe that a connected world is a better world. We believe that when you give people the ability to connect—to the world, to each other, across the street, or around the world—the world becomes a more intimate place where anything is possible. Our RightMesh team is truly on the path to connect the next billion and bring 100 million people out of poverty. We couldn’t be prouder.

Describe your most recent achievement/ milestone as a company. How did you team celebrate it?

In only 8 minutes and 4 seconds, we hit our cap which added to our $18M contributed in the private allocation round of our Token Generating Event (also known as an ICO)! Because the event took place at 4am local time, our Canadian team stayed up through the night and held a music-pumping Pajama party complete with homemade pancakes and maple syrup, of course! Our Canadian team worked through the night to manage the process and celebrated with a night out as a company. This brings our company past our $18 M completed in our private allocation round and towards our $30 M TGE cap.

Are you hiring? Why should a candidate apply to your company? What are the benefits of working for you?

YES! Connecting the next billion people is a big goal, and we are well on our way: however, we are in need of some great people and highly technical skills. Our awesome culture, amazing team of people,  unlimited community hours and downright inspiring core values, are just a handful of reasons that make Left one of the Best Places to Work in BC.

Who is the ideal employee for your company?

If you have passion, care about your local and global community, and want to work in a place that is serious about success, check out the various opportunities to become a ‘Lefty’ on the ‘Careers’ section of our website.

What is your company goal for the coming year?

We are on the path to connect the next billion through decentralized mobile mesh networks. Over the next year. we will be focused on stability and fit, as seen in the RightMesh Roadmap. Our goal is to harden the mesh network and mesh token protocols and to find token-utility fit in developing markets.