Tech Resiliency Program

Helping technology companies impacted by COVID-19 stay resilient by providing the mentorship and expertise they need to support their business.

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Who is it for?

The program is designed for startup, growth, and scale-stage technology companies who are looking for strategic mentorship in one of the following areas: business development coaching, capital raising, digital marketing, experienced entrepreneur, finance, leadership and culture (HR), or operations.

What is it?

Leveraging BC Tech’s expertise and network, the Tech Resiliency Program helps technology companies by providing a mentor to support and target specific business challenges.

  • Support: BC Tech to provide mentors for eligible technology companies
  • Initiate: Connect with mentors to solve specific business issues and challenges
  • Discover: Learn new best practices, business opportunities, and strategies
  • Adapt: Focus on one business area most relevant to companies’ needs

How is it delivered?

The Tech Resiliency Program connects technology companies to mentors who will work 1-on-1 with the company to assess its needs and support their efforts surrounding a specific business issue or challenge.

Why is it Unique?

Supporting technology companies is critical to British Columbia’s economy. The Tech Resiliency Program helps technology companies:

  • Implement new strategic best practices
  • Connect with mentors to resolve business issues
  • Examine existing business challenges and provide new opportunities

To apply for the program, sign up through the BC Tech Application

For more information about the Tech Resiliency Program please contact