BCIT Microcredentials

Microcredentials allow learners to quickly strengthen resumés and advance careers. They can also be stacked to ladder into certificate, making them a focused and affordable option in pursuing flexible and relevant education.

The first three Mircocredential programs from BCIT include Essentials of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Introductory Studies in Mass Timber Construction and Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation

New models of business operations often include online collaboration and global marketplaces which are transforming the way we work. There is a rapidly growing need to understand the concepts of 5G, network security, and the role of social media and e-commerce in business.

In this microcredential students select mini-courses that best suit their needs completing a total of 4.0 credits.

  • Networking Foundation
  • Network Security using Kalie Linux
  • How to Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile
  • YouTube Video Marketing
  • E-Commerce with Shopify
  • How to Forecast Stock Prices
  • Presenting and Analyzing Data with Excel
  • Introduction to Robotics and Automation
  • 5G Essentials
  • Safe Meeting & Event Design

To inquire about the BCIT Microcredential Program, please contact hello@wearebctech.com