Nominate for Person of the Year

This award celebrates an individual who has made a significant entrepreneurial contribution to the BC tech ecosystem in the past year. It’s an accumulation of personal contributions, bold entrepreneurial risk-taking, mentorship of key talent, – and winning in a way that showcases the best of our BC Tech culture!

Here are the criteria to base applications on:

  • A role model of entrepreneurship, this person exemplifies what we need more of in BC
  • Tangible results that show a measured  impact of contribution
  • Provide examples of this person’s outstanding leadership, vision, and mentorship

Evaluation Criteria

Completed applications should include responses to all topics/questions below.


  • A 60-second video on why you think this person deserves to be a finalist in this category. (A scrappy cellphone video is great. Send us the link via Dropbox or any any other file sharing app)


  • 200 max words a description of this person, in particular, their career growth.

MUST COVER: How their story is part of the fabric of BC’s tech ecosystem. Past, present or future.


  • 500 max words on the professional success this person achieved in the last 12-18 months)  and the impact it had on their company or institution, the tech community, their team members, customers, or other stakeholders.

MUST COVER: Tangible before and after data points.


  • 500 max words on this person’s leadership style and how it drove the success enjoyed in 2017- explain why they are an inspiration to others.

MUST COVER: Examples and impact of personal contributions to individuals and community.


  • 2-3 people who can speak to this individual’s accomplishments.