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Tantalus Systems Corporation

Location 200-3555 Gilmore Way, Burnaby, V5G 0B3, BC Phone: (604) 299-0458 Website:

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Tantalus provides data communications networks for Smart Grid utility applications including advanced metering, demand response and distribution automation. TUNet (the Tantalus Utility Network) is a rapid and reliable two-way network that enables electric, water & gas distributors to automate processes, reduce costs, improve business operations and deliver top-tier customer service. It enables a utility to remotely and automatically read meters, instantly detect outages, remotely maintain equipment, perform sophisticated analytics, and implement conservation programs that can include load control and in-home display of energy consumption. TUNet award-winning technology that is deployed at utilities across North America determined to manage resources intelligently and meet ambitious conservation goals.

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200-3555 Gilmore Way, Burnaby, V5G 0B3, BC