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Location Cambie St Suite 528, Vancouver, V6B 2N7, BC Phone: (604) 243-0042 Website:

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Born out of the Government 2.0 and Open Data movement, our vision is to help organizations re-imagine services in ways that are citizen-centric, easy to use for both city staff and residents, and incredibly affordable. We think cities can not only be smarter, but can spend less on procuring and managing software. ReCollect is built entirely in-house. This means we troubleshoot issues personally and resolve them immediately. It also means we get clients up and running in days, not weeks or months. When you hire ReCollect you work directly with the people responsible. Moreover, if we aren’t doing something you need us to… please ask. ReCollect is constantly improving and adding capabilities. Our service delivery gives you the latest features with no installs and no expensive upgrades. Launched in 2009, today ReCollect is used by millions of residents across North America. From small villages to large urban centres, from municipal services to private haulers, ReCollect is ready to make your waste management programs more efficient and successful.

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Cambie St Suite 528, Vancouver, V6B 2N7, BC