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LightIntegra Technology

Home 330-2285 Clark Drive Phone: 1-844-858-9669 Website:

Company info

LightIntegra Technology empowers blood banks with the information needed to provide the best care possible. Our flagship product, ThromboLUX, gives blood banks a simple and effective way to detect microparticle content and select the right blood product for the best possible outcome in their transfusion patients. When used to manage platelet inventory, ThromboLUX may reduce platelet utilization, transfusion-associated costs, and provide blood banks with quality reassurance.

LightIntegra got its start in the Canadian Blood Services R&D labs through the efforts of research scientist Dr. Elisabeth Maurer. Her years of research on platelet function led to a breakthrough discovery about platelet microparticles. Dr. Maurer recognized the opportunity to use this discovery, coupled with advances in laser and optics technology, to address a market need to provide a safe, quick and simple test for microparticles, platelet quality and function. LightIntegra was incorporated in November 2008 in order to commercialize the ThromboLUX technology.