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AltumView Systems

Home 3989 Henning Dr., SUITE 223, Burnaby, BC Phone: 6042488428 Website:

Company info

AltumView is an AI company in Vancouver, founded by university researchers and industrial veterans. It has developed the Sentinare smart activity sensor system, which was a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree. The system can be used in senior care, telehealth, and other applications where privacy is indispensable. The sensor has a built-in AI chip, and uses the latest deep learning algorithms to monitor the activities of people, collect useful statistics, and identify changes to routine patterns. When emergencies such falls are detected, it can notify the caregivers immediately. To protect privacy, only stick figure animations are transmitted, instead of raw videos. The stick figure also provides valuable information about people’s health, which can be saved in the cloud for search, playback, and big data analytics.

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3989 Henning Dr., SUITE 223, Burnaby, BC