SAAS Growth Engine

Ready to triple your sales in 90 days?

What is the SaaS Growth Engine?

SaaS Growth Engine is specifically designed by SaaS sales professionals for SaaS sales professionals. The program guides sales teams to build and optimize their growth revenue engine to maximize ROI. This is a deep dive into the creation and implementation of a data-driven sales model.

SaaS Sales Engine

Who Should Apply?

This program is open to both BC Tech Members and non-members, and is best suited for:

  • SaaS Sales Leaders (VP, Director, or Manager)
  • Founders
  • CEOs
  • Account Executives

Scale Your Growth

The tactics that help you land your first $1-3 million ARR aren’t the same as what you’ll need to reach $10M ARR.

Diminishing returns in sales & marketing spend, skyrocketing CAC, and missed quarterly sales targets are some of the indicators that it is time to grow into a systematic revenue model—let us help you design a sales engine that grows with your company. 

100% of surveyed CEOs from previous cohorts would recommend the SaaS Growth Engine to other CEOs. 


The Program

Designed in four-hour sessions taking place once a week for four weeks, each session will be a mix of formal exposition on best practices executed by world-class SaaS companies and practical workshops. The workshop portions will allow you to model your own business into a sales & marketing engine and contrast how well you are doing against benchmarked SaaS metrics and your peers.  

100% of surveyed CEOs from previous cohorts rated the program as “very good” or “excellent”. 


Past Participants



Best Practices from 10+ Years of Rapid Growth

Karim Ben-Jafaar is a SaaS rapid-growth guru with 12 years of experience taking companies from $0 to $10M ARR in record time.

He is the President of Beanworks and has been in the SaaS space for the past decade, specializing in building revenue engines for companies growing from $500k – $2M ARR to $10M – $25M ARR.   


Success Stories

The Details

When does the program start?
The program starts mid April 2018 and will run for four weeks. Each session will be four hours long.

Where is it?
The BC Tech Hub.

Why should I be there?
By the end of SaaS Growth Engine program you will have built a rapid growth revenue engine designed to scale. The goal is to 3x your sales in 90 days and then 2x again in a year.

SaaS Growth Engine

Give Your Startup The Gift Of SaaS Sales Optimization
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  •  Customized Sales Playbook to Scale Your Company
  • Sales, Marketing, and Operations alignment
  • A Complete Customer Journey
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Key Takeaways

• Customized Sales Playbook To Scale Your Company• A Complete Customer Journey
• Key Predictive Levers• Sales, Marketing, and Operations alignment
• A Coin-Operated Revenue Model• True Best In Class SaaS Sales Organization


If you have any questions or would like more information about the program please contact: