Building the next generation of BC’s anchor tech companies

HyperGrowth:Life is a six-month revenue and growth accelerator program that guides life sciences entrepreneurs to build BC’s next generation of anchor tech companies. The program is specifically designed for Health Tech, Life Sciences, and Agritech entrepreneurs to build and run solid growth engines to scale their companies.

HyperGrowth:Life is joint-initiative between BC Tech Association and Genome BC to launch and support commercial-ready life sciences companies in the province.

Applications are now closed. Missed the deadline? Contact Anastasia Hambali for more options.

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The Program

Start working on your company, not just in it.

Building on the success of the original HyperGrowth program, HyperGrowth:Life is designed exclusively for companies in Health Tech, Life Sciences, Agritech and related industries. For six months, your team will experience an intensive program created to drive revenue growth. Your company will receive a level of expert support unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

This is not just a CEO or Founders-only program. We mentor and work with your entire leadership team to grow and optimize the company.

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Program Structure

The HyperGrowth:Life program gives you the foundational skills necessary to scale your company. We’ll teach you how to operate a healthy and growing business and give you insights on the KPIs you need to focus on during the various stages of your company’s lifecycle.

As a part of the program, we will audit and assess any gaps your company may have in its operations and provide tactical solutions to ensure success. We will also help you to understand your customer’s perspective of your products and services and look at ways in which to create a better client experience. Every educational session will be followed by a one on one with a dedicated expert to address specific challenges within your company.

What You Get

By the end of the program, you will have a playbook and roadmap that will help you scale and succeed through your next phases of the growth. To get there, we will provide you with:

Tactical Support

  •  Bi-weekly educational sessions with experts who have led, scaled and/or exited companies.
  • Bi-weekly mentorship and tactical help in the key areas that drive revenue: Lead Generation, Sales and Marketing, Sales Force Management, KPI and Metrics, etc.

Strategic Guidance

  • Monthly sessions with Executives-in-Residence to check milestones and get assistance in implementing new strategies. Receive inputs to which partnerships and customers will drive the most value for your business.
  • Quarterly sessions with Advisory Boards to drive strategy and remove roadblocks. 


  • Access to the BC Tech network, including our partners and advisors, to drive in-roads with new customers.
  • Soft-landing programs to help open new markets.

Program Guiding Principles

Purpose Drives Profit

Defining founders and company’s purpose to align vision, values, product, talent, and objectives.

Problem-Based Roadmap

Setting goals to address scale problems and iterating to solutions

Engine For Growth

Putting together an operating framework for your business from brand, marketing, sales, customer success to back-office operations. 

Data-Driven Mindset

Using data to identify problems and solution. The truth does set you free. 

Program Mentors and Advisory Board

We believe in matching companies with mentors who can help them identify and address gaps in their operations. A confirmed list of mentors and advisory board will be finalized after the HyperGrowth:Life cohort is confirmed.

Selection Criteria

Your company must:

  • Be in Health Tech, Life Sciences, Agritech and related industries
  • Have product market fit and/or have traction to back it up (WoW or MoM growth)
  • Have at least $1 million in annual revenue (Note: exceptions can be made for businesses in the $500k to $1 million range with a justification)
  • Have an established team beyond co-founders
  • Have six months of runway

Acceptance into the Program

Acceptance into the program will be based on the following:

  • Financial Growth: Demonstrated success in commercialization showing increasing earnings.
  • Ability to Execute: Focus, capacity, and ability to execute on your growth plan and sustain or increase traction to date.
  • Market Opportunity: A big enough market to allow a large business to grow. A product sufficiently differentiated that there is potential to keep growing.
  • Ability to Make an Impact: Our goal is to work with companies where our advisors, contacts, and resources can add value. We are also looking for coachable teams, willing to commit to the work it takes to achieve hyper growth.

Applications are now closed. Missed the deadline? Contact Anastasia Hambali for more options.