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BC Tech Jobs

One-stop shop for all your hiring needs.

Built by a team who knows the tech industry and how to find the best candidates, BC Tech Jobs combines a variety of initiatives both online and offline to help promote your brand to the tech community, share job opportunities with an extensive network of job seekers, and connect directly with qualified talent. Whether your company is seeking talent right now or looking to build a long-term recruitment strategy and pipeline, BC Tech Jobs is the ideal platform to help grow your company with top-notch talent.

It’s not just another job board. BCtechjobs.ca promotes BC Tech member company brands to the passive tech job seeker community and connects companies to qualified candidates through featured employer profiles, automated matching, and a talent database that grows daily.

Job Posting Packages

Item Price BC Tech Member Discount
Single Job Posting $219 $187
Monthly Unlimited Job Postings $339 $289
Annual Unlimited Job Postings $3499 $2975

Additionally, we will double your exposure by also promoting your job postings on BCJobs.ca, the leading local board with over 200,000 job seeker visits a month.

Talent Days

Meet your next hire.

Talent Days are casual and fun networking events that bring tech companies that are hiring together with a curated room of pre-qualified candidates with specific skills. The goal is to promote meaningful connections and ultimately make hires!

Bring your team out with a banner, job descriptions for available opportunities, swag, business cards, or, better yet, demo your product, platform or service to get the best talent excited to learn more and join your team.

Item Price BC Tech Member Discount
1 Talent Day + 1 Month Unlimited Job Postings $750 $637.50
4 Talent Days + 1 Year Unlimited Job Postings $3499 $2975
Annual Unlimited Job Postings $3999 $3399

Talent Meetups

Get involved in the Talent community.

Talent Meetups bring together technology professionals looking to develop their skills and tech companies who are thought leaders and subject matter experts in specific areas. Through panel discussions followed by casual networking, tech companies get a great opportunity to promote their brand, share expertise, and connect with passive talent.