BC Technology Ecosystem Map

Tech is a force for good in people’s lives, in our communities, and for the future of our province. That’s why we’re celebrating BC Day 2018 with the release of our new British Columbia Technology Ecosystem map. Technology has the power to build our province—and a growing tech sector can make that happen.

The map shows just how connected the sector is—how players from one group support and help players from another grow. And make no mistake, this map is a snapshot in time and an overview of the industry. Companies will grow. New ones will emerge. Some will leave. But right now it offers an idea of the incredible variety of players making a difference this year.

Map Key

Entrepreneur/Founder—companies that started and grown right here in BC by doing good at home and around the world with their technology.

Customer—every company will soon be a tech company, and these companies are evolving in this way by being the biggest buyers and developers of technology in the province.

Multinational—the world is shrinking and these global companies have made a place for themselves in  the BC tech ecosystem by being customers, players, or partners.

Government—the public policy and direct support from governments, and government bodies, at every level are key to the tech sector.

Talent—there is a looming shortage of skilled talent in BC and these public and private education entities are working hard to deliver the next generation of tech talent.

Researcher—many tech ideas get their start and come to life inside research organization like these ones.

Investor—funds fuel the rise of tech companies and these are the local entities backing the sector.

Supporting Organizations—these are the industry associations (like BC Tech) and incubators and accelerators who are working to make sure BC’s tech sector keeps  getting stronger.

Download the map

The BC Tech Association is dedicated to making our province the best place to grow a tech company. The partners and players on this map are going to help make this happen.

The British Columbia Technology Ecosystem map is a living document and will be updated regularly to reflect our growing and ever changing ecosystem. If you have any recommendations for updates, please email hello@wearebctech.com.