Nominate for Bill Thompson Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizing lifetime achievement, this award is not granted every year but instead is awarded by the BC Tech Board of Directors when an appropriate individual is nominated.  The award celebrates an individual who has demonstrated leadership in BC’s technology industry throughout his or her business career, and who has served as a model and mentor for others.

This award is open to any person who has made a significant long-term contribution to the technology industry and is renowned for their reputation, entrepreneurship, leadership, vision, mentorship, and career success. This individual must be currently living in Canada.

Here are the criteria to base nominations on:

  • List of top contributions made to the technology community.
  • Can include noteworthy speaking opportunities, awards won, company milestones, etc.
  • Tangible results that show a measured impact of contribution.
  • Provide examples of this individual’s outstanding leadership, vision, and mentorship.

Evaluation Criteria

Completed applications should include responses to all topics/questions below.


  • A 60-second video on why you think this person deserves to be a finalist in this category. (A scrappy cellphone video is great. Send us the link via Dropbox or any any other file sharing app)


  • 200 max words full bio of career path and achievements along the way.

MUST COVER: How their story is part of the fabric of BC’s tech ecosystem. Past, present, or future.


  • 500 max words on how this person has impacted the BC Tech community through developing their network, mentorship, leadership, and community engagement over a significant period of time.

MUST COVER: Examples of mentorship and outcomes of that mentorship.


  • 200 max words on how this role model brought to life the core values of BC Tech: Be of service, succeed together, and pay it forward.


  • 500 max words on why this person’s significant long-term contribution should be recognized now. please discuss the following in your answer-entrepreneurship, impact, vision, career success and community support   


  • 2-3 people who can speak to this individual’s accomplishments


Applications for the 2018 TIAs are now closed. Join us on May 3rd, at TechBrew to find out who the finalists are!



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