BCTIA Expands Entrepreneurial Coaching Team

Vancouver, BC, February 17, 2012 – The BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) is expanding a program that helps British Columbia technology entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The program guides small B.C. tech companies to accelerate their growth into mid- and eventually large-sized companies. The latest expansion adds sector-specific expertise aimed at companies in B.C.’s growing clean technology field.

“I’m pleased to welcome Eamonn Percy as the latest member of our Centre4Growth CEO-in-Residence program,” said BCTIA President & CEO Bill Tam. “Eamonn brings global expertise in the fast-growing Clean Tech and Energy markets, and I’m delighted that he will be sharing his executive knowledge with B.C’s future industry leaders.”

Eamonn Percy has held a variety of leadership roles with companies in the clean tech, energy, engineering and automotive sectors, including Powertech Labs, Ballard Power Systems, Pirelli Cable & Systems, and Ford Electronics.

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